So how much of what we think gets in the way of our success? 

Our internal perceptional landscape does tremendous damage when we are deeply convinced that what we perceive as obstacles are true, solid and real.

How many times have we avoided a particular conversation, proposal, pitch, or interaction with someone because we were “sure” it was not going to work out? Hundreds of thousands maybe? And then, in those rare cases when we actually end up having that conversation or interaction, how many times have we noticed that either it wasn’t that bad, or that it was absolutely nothing like we imagined, or even that we ended up actually getting what we wanted in the end?

The fact is that we build our own world, in silence, and in our heads.We build our own perceptional obstacles and operate from countless assumptions around what we should or shouldn’t do, what we should or shouldn’t say or what we should or shouldn’t consider. These assumptions are so quick to manifest in our minds and so solid in appearance that we end up innocently limiting our own life and possibilities tremendously. Not only that, more importantly, we end up making decisions and operating from those same limitations every day generating considerable suffering and confusion for others as well.

Now consider this, who would you be if you were able to: 

  1. Notice and identify your perceptional obstacles.
  2. Actually see how these obstacles get in the way of your success.
  3. Transform these obstacles into clear opportunities. 
  4. Apply these opportunities in your life with clear and measurable results.

Life would be extraordinary!  We would be able to clear our mental clogs, get rid of our indecision, let go of our apprehensiveness, and it would also allow us to clearly see and understand what is actually out there and what is next in our life.

At the Innerland Institute we take you there. We support individuals, leaders, and organizations in identifying and transforming perceptional barriers to success. We live and work everyday helping people and teams locally and internationally to reach extraordinary goals and to meet face to face with their true potential. For more than 20 years, we have witnessed profound personal and organizational transformation and there is one thing we have learned:  
It starts with you. 

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Dr. Pedro Cortina is CEO & Managing Partner at the Innerland  He is an author, speaker, counselor, facilitator, trainer, transformation specialist and leadership consultant. He is the author of Curflexion: Living the Infinite Space of Being, a guide for moving away from our underlying human experience of separation and unfulfillment.