• Are you longing to feel more connected, have more fun and genuine relationships with friends and family?

  • Are you wondering how to expand connection and intimacy in your life?

  • Do you notice repetitive destructive patterns in yourself? 

  • Do these patterns affect your relationships?

  • Do you experience a longing for unguarded, deeply connected relationships with your partner, friends or family?

Business & Career 

  • Do you feel exhausted for having to present a tough front at work?

  • Do you experience vulnerability as a weakness?

  • Do you experience lack of motivation and burn out?

  • Do you want to feel passionate about your profession?

  • Do you believe you don’t have enough time?

  • Are you imagining that the life your really want to live will start later?

  • Do you believe you have a healthy work-life balance?

Life Purpose

  • Are you clear on what your talents are?

  • Are you able to communicate honestly what works and doesn’t work for you?

  • Do you feel you are using your talent to its highest potential?

  • Can you find alignment and understanding when times get tough?

  • Do you embrace challenging or difficult situations that cross your path?



Leadership Acceleration

  • Do you have a reliable tool and a repeatable recipe to accelerate talent?

  • Would you like to increase your leaders level of self-trust, creativity, and empathy?

  • Are your team members accepting and owning areas of growth and opportunity?

  • Would you like your leaders to develop a big-picture and long-term perspective?

  • Are your team members fully willing to meet the needs of any arising situation?

Obstacle Transformation

  • Is your team focussing on opportunities when addressing difficult situations?

  • Is your team clear about the impact that bias and assumptions have on their performance?

  • Can your team identify the ineffective subconscious roles they assign others and themselves?

  • What are the negative and repetitive patters that hold your team down?

  • Would you like your team to act through self-empowerment rather than through imposed external demands?

Working Relationships

  • Do you use an efficient methodology to reset relationships within your organization?

  • Would you like to see old grudges and current frustrations addressed and resolved deeply and effectively?

  • Is your team genuinely open and curious about the insights and ideas of others?

  • Would you like to use an efficient methodology to deepen and develop trust in your team?

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