September 7 & 8, 2019 - Introduction to IBC™ - Live, Online.


September 7 & 8, 2019 - Introduction to IBC™ - Live, Online.


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Saturday September 7 and Sunday September 8th 2019.

Schedule: 10 am to 12 pm, 1 pm to 3 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm Pacific Time on both days.

Program Highlights:

  • How do we create our own obstacles?

  • How do these obstacles get in the way of our most extraordinary experience of life?

  • What is Inquiry-Based Coaching™ (IBC™) and how does it work?

  • The Obstacle Inventory™: Transforming obstacles into clear and actionable opportunities

  • The Relationship Reset™: Finding clarity, purpose and understanding with others

  • Living your best experience of life


Support yourself and your clients in finding what gets in the way of their clarity, purpose, and passion through identifying and transforming obstacles into clear and actionable opportunities.

Inquiry-Based Coaching TM (IBC) is an extraordinarily powerful methodology that we use to help our clients identify and transform obstacles into opportunities. We have shared this method with hundreds of people, dozens of teams and several organizations, with extraordinary results.
In IBC, we present our clients with a series of questions and exercises where they deeply experience what comes before them in the way of their passion, purpose and success. Then we guide them through a process in which they experience their lives without that obstacle, being able from there to visualize and create extraordinary results that many times they had not even imagined.
Finally, we invite our clients to assume their responsibility and apply this new knowledge in their lives, accompanied by the incredible clarity, connection and empowerment that results from the application of this method.
This program has been successfully offered for more than 8 years to participants from Mexico, the United States, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, and Norway, creating an international community of Coaches and Facilitators generating extraordinary results for their clients.

Why should you take this course?

  • Because you want to expand your emotional and mental well being with new, fresh, and powerful methods.

  • Because you are stuck in repetitive patters that you can't break out of.

  • Because you are interested in building a community of practitioners that wants deep conversation, deep connection, and deep understanding.

  • Because you are interested in heartfelt leadership in every aspect of your life .

  • Because you want to live an empowered life of joy, intensity, clarity where you feel fully alive.

  • Because you want to understand the gifts you bring to the world and how to live from them.

  • Because those difficult emotions (you know which ones) need a place of true holding, meeting, witnessing, and understanding from which you can harvest the wisdom they have been holding for you all along.

  • Because you want the 'how' to be able to transform every obstacle into an opportunity.

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"The Innerland Institute program is more than a dive. It is the perfect container to explore and discover anything that stops you from living a whole hearted, joy filled life! The depth of learning, challenging myself, and experiencing the vulnerability in the service of my truth is like no other training program I have entered."

Anne Wennerstrand MS, MSW, LCSWR

"Innerland's program provided a community and a safe place to explore myself pushing me to my edge. Tania and Pedro are tremendous guides in this process. This has been the MOST profound experience of my life."

Dr. Ian Paul, MD

"Since I started the program in Inquiry-Based Coaching there has been a transcendental transformation in my life. I am able to notice that every time I inquire, my life acquires more happiness, transparency, and connection with everything I love and everything that surrounds me." 

Iracema Zuniga, Manager, Mission School

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