After more than 15 years of supporting individuals, coaches, teams and organizations, we have developed a truly powerful methodology called Inquiry-Based Coaching™ (IBC).

IBC™ is designed to support our clients in the process of identifying and transforming important obstacles into clear and actionable opportunities.


IBC™ is also a powerful leadership development methodology designed to help companies build and create a high impact leadership team. We do this through group seminars, and individual coaching.


The Five Phases of IBC™


First, we clearly identify the issue at hand. Honestly. We ask ourselves, is it a big picture obstacle (issues with the market place), an external obstacle (issues with a team member), or internal obstacle (issues with our self perception). This is a very important step in the process. Given that we take for granted much of our inner distraction and confusion, allowing ourselves to notice and realize our obstacles as such is paramount to the process. Many of us have adopted an “ALL OK” mindset to be able to live in this world, when in reality the stress and anxiety of life is sustained behind the facade. 


Second, after clearly identifying a personal or organizational obstacle that is getting in the way of our acceleration and success, we  explore it so as to deeply appreciate how it shows up for us or our organization. In this phase, we also are able to see the depth and complexity of its manifestation. 

Third, we explore the impact that our own validation and holding of this obstacle actually has in our lives. What manifests from validating this obstacle? How do I abandon my best, creative, and engaging self? How do I freeze, overreact, or run away? Who do I “turn into” in my mind when I validate the obstacle as real and impenetrable? Who do I turn others into in my mind?

Fourth, through accessing a particular space of true creativity and understanding, we invite ourselves to see and experience our lives or the culture of our organization beyond or without validating our hardened perception of the obstacle at hand, allowing for new, clear, and powerful insights that are relevant, real, and actionable. 

Fifth: Action. What is next? How? When? With whom? What are the clear, evident, natural, next steps for you or your organization to follow after realizing the above? Follow-through and commitment both arise as fully-driven natural next steps filling our lives and our organizations with purpose, understanding, clarity, honest communication, and more importantly, results.


Quantitative & Qualitative Evidence-Based Results


The results of the application of this methodology in executive and life coaching environments, as well as in organizations so far have been transformational. Overall improvements were considerable in all categories. The most improved leadership trait was the quality of Presence (being fully available to meet the needs of arising situations), where an average 136% improvement was reported. The quality of Openness (Accepting and owning personal areas of growth and opportunity) came in at 114%. Enthusiasm (Looking for opportunity in difficult situations) came in at 87%. Courageous (Trusting yourself and team without giving into fear) came in at 84%. Receptive, (you listen to others before making decisions) came in at 83%.


Innerland Accredited Coach

At the Innerland Institute we also currently offer an accreditation program to become an IBC Coach™. This program will prepare you to practice and integrate the methodology in order to be able to share it with individuals or organizations all around the world. Our graduates go through a truly life changing experience that enables them to further share it with others. Learn more of what our graduates say, our programs, events, and sessions at