Tania Fierro, MA
Founder & CEO | | Download Bio

Tania is a philosopher, speaker, philosophical counselor, coach, facilitator, management consultant, olympic athlete, and transformation specialist. Tania is the founder of Innerland, and since 2003 she has been offering clients a deeply compassionate, razor sharp awareness to get to the crux of any situation. There is no issue that Inquiry can't hold and she invites us not to believe her and to try it for ourselves.

Tania is a Certified Counselor by the American Philosophical Practitioners Association in New York. She holds bachelor's and masters degrees in philosophy and ethics. She was a participant in the 1988 Seoul Olympics as well as served as the Human Rights Director at Tibet House Mexico and The Institute for The Work of Byron Katie . Tania has 20 years of experience supporting individuals and organizations in questioning and undoing the repetitive, stressful patterns that cause suffering and blocks in our lives. Throughout her life, she has fully immersed in several eastern transformational traditions such as Mahamudra, Dzogchen, and Advaita. Tania has had a very successful counselling practice and travels the world (North America and Europe) offering training and workshops in IBC™.

Dr. Pedro Cortina
Senior Advisor | | Download Bio

Dr. Cortina is an author, master coach, speaker, counselor, facilitator, philosopher, trainer, transformation specialist, as well as a leadership expert with more than 20 years of experience. He offers his clients a profound space of exploration and grounding to identify and transform what is getting in the way of their passion, purpose, and success. He is also the author of the book Curflexion, a guide for moving away from our underlying human experience of separation and unfulfillment. 

Pedro holds a bachelors in philosophy and economics. He also has masters and doctoral degrees specializing in leadership and entrepreneurship from the University of British Columbia, and the University of Calgary. He also teaches in the areas of mentorship and coaching at the UBC Sauder School of Business. He is a certified counselor by the American Philosophical Practitioners Association in New York and a graduate from the Finance Program for Senior Executives at the University of Oxford. Additionally, throughout his life, he has fully immersed in several eastern transformational traditions such as Mahamudra, Dzogchen, and Advaita.


Markus Tauchmann

Markus started the first IBC™ Center in Zurich where several IBC Coaches offer Inquiry and support each other. Markus holds a master in psychology at the University of Dresden and economics at E.P.F in Paris. Educated by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg he trained non violent communication (NVC) in organizations and universities. After his life changing experience with Inquiry-Based Coaching™ he started to offer retreats and personal sessions in inquiry with tremendous success. He lives a balanced life where deeply slowing down and highly presence are supporting each other. Half of the time he spends time with his children and the other half he shares inquiry. Markus mission is to share inquiry all over the world untill there is at least one inquiry workshop in every day in every area of the world. He is doing this by creating and supporting communities that offer and share Inquiry.

Anne Wennerstrand, MS

Anne is a life-long meditator and dancer who now practices as a licensed psychotherapist and coach in New York. Her work is deeply informed by mindfulness, inquiry and embodiment practices. She has over 20 years of experience working collaboratively with adolescents and adults struggling with issues related to body image and eating problems, anxiety and depression. She is thrilled to be integrating Inquiry-Based Coaching (IBC) into her practice having earned her coaching certification through Innerland. Anne is on the Board of Directors of The Women’s Therapy Centre Institute in New York City and faculty/co-director of clinical training there. Her writing has been published in many professional journals, magazines, and books including the Encyclopedia of Mind-Body Disciplines. She is currently coordinator of The Spokesperson Program for Innerland (North America).


Dr. Lara Patriquin

Lara is a physician, speaker and mindfulness teacher in New Mexico. Her personal quest for well being is informed by her medical studies on the brain and on the nature of thought. She lectures extensively in the medical and business communities about the value of clear and reliable practices that optimize key functions of the mind. Through mindfulness practices, Lara's clients are able to access a creative, kinder and more inspired version of themselves. Dr. Patriquin completed her residency at Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA before moving on to a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School. Her research experience and publications focus on MRI imaging for which she received the Roentgen Research Prize from the Radiological Society of North America.

Dr. Ian Paul

Ian received his undergraduate degree from the George Washington University and his medical degree from McGill University Faculty of Medicine in Montreal, Canada. He completed an internal medicine internship year at Brown University, an emergency medicine residency at the Boston Medical Center, a pathology residency at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA, and a one-year fellowship in forensic pathology at the NM Office of the Medical Investigator in Albuquerque, NM.Ian is board certified in Emergency Medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine and in Forensic & Anatomic Pathology by the American Board of Pathology. 


Dr. Zabelia Bravo

Zabelia studied Medicine at the UNAM Faculty of Medicine. Later she specialized in Pediatrics and at the end of her subspecialty of Pediatric Neurology, which she has practiced for 35 years. Zabelia has always been in search of how to serve children and families suffering from Neurological, Psychiatric, Psychological and Social disorders. She is certified in Biofeefback, which complemented the Biotechnological branch in her daily work. Zabelia became convinced through the study of human development that thoughts themselves originate suffering and further got her Innerland IBC certification to become an Innerland Coach. She is open to share IBC with whoever is looking for clarity and understanding. 

leana Ponce Montemayor

Ileana is the spokesperson for the Spanish-speaking IBC™ community. She has been involved different professional fields such as arts, balancing techniques, sports, communications and business leadership. She specializes on educational platforms and programs that can bring change and purpose to individuals and organizations through holistic and human development tools. Ileana has developed her own coaching style based on movement, inquiry and mindfulness known as “Holistic Life Coaching". She is a lover of philanthropy and team work, I sees herself as a game changer. Her purpose it to build emotional self-sustaining communities and reach as many organizations through mindfulness, yoga and inquiry coaching individuals to fulfil their life’s purpose through happiness.  


Delyse Sylvester

Delyse has three decades of social innovation expertise, connecting thousands of social entrepreneurs with corporate leaders, thought leaders, and new media partners. With Ashoka Changemakers, she led over 60 co-branded global campaigns with partners such as National Geographic, Nike, GE, G-20, EBay, Google, and the Robert Wood Johnson, Rockefeller and Gates Foundations.  With CUSO she focused on Aboriginal Cultural Rights in Canada and the South Pacific, and as Executive Director of Selkirk College Foundation she led a team to establish the first B.C. Rural Innovation Chair.  She is currently member of BC Partners for Social Impact secretariat and Executive in Residence at SFUs Beedie School for Business. 


Angel Jimenez

Angel is a successful entrepreneur in the areas of Finance, Sports, Consulting, Hospitality and Service. For the last 15 years he has supported various initiatives with outstanding results. He believes that part of the responsibility of owners and business leaders, besides the financial and operational success, is the employee's personal and professional growth.

Angel champions supportive initiatives for the youth, college graduates, recent immigrants, business leaders and specializes in developing the ability of teams and individuals to give and receive positive and negative feedback.His passion for mindfulness practice and Curflexion started as a personal adventure.


Bev Maya

Back in university, Bev earned a reputation as a tenacious inquisitive driven to make sense of nature through scientific endeavours . This reputation has withstood the test of time. Bev’s unique background informs her deep investigative approach. Today, as a practicing Medical Herbalist and international speaker at medical conferences and colleges, Bev’s inquiring personality (encouraged by both parents being teachers) has lent itself to her style, as a generous and passionate speaker particularly adept at empowering her audience to deconstruct complex ideas into their simplest form and apply this learning in the context of their own medical practices. 


Beatriz Amorin

Beatriz is the Director at CEPHEI (Human Potential Center and Emotional Intelligence). She is a consultant, international trainer and instructor in Mindfulness. She currently works as an academic collaborator in the EEL (European School of Leaders) and the UNED. She is a professional Co-active and certified by the AICM (International Association of coaching and mentoring professionals) and by the UNED, and Coach Facilitator certified by Innerland North Vancouver. She works as a trainer, consultant, lecturer, organizer and coach. Her students and clients consider her as an objective, analytical, proactive and a generator of alternatives.


Linda Garcidueñas | BIO

Linda has an Ontological Coach Certification from Ideal Coaching with Bettie Spruill and Ana Escalante. Seeking to perfect the model of the 11 skills of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), she achieved the Certification in Mastering Coaching Skills with Dr. Elena Espinal, with which she obtained the credential as ACC (Associate Certified Coach) from the ICF. Her most recent adventure was to explore IBC more deeply, which is transforming her way of seeing the world. Guided by Tania Fierro and Pedro Cortina, she obtained the Inquiry-Based Coaching Certification from the Innerland Institute. Her experience as a Coach, enriched by the vision from different practices, has led her to the realization that true work occurs within us. She has participated in a study group of Compassionate Mindfulness, based on the philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism with Oscar "Tenzin" Arango and Dr. Ana Moreno.


Jorge Garcia | BIO

Jorge is a graduate of journalism and collective communication with a Master's Degree in Psychotherapy, orientation in Jungian analytical psychology. He also holds Master's studies in Transgenerational philosophy, from the Institute of Transgenerational Studies (IET).  In addition, he has certifications in Neuropsychology for Therapists, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation and the Modern World: Lesser, Neurodidactic, Design Thinking for Innovation and A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment, Positive Psychology.  In addition to clinical work as a psychotherapist, he also collaborates with organizations, educational and social institutions giving courses and workshops on topics of Communication, Innovation, Creativity, Psychological Types, Theory of the Evolution of the Couple, Training of Mentors, Workshops on Emotional Intelligence, Team Work, Production and Radio Programming, among others.  


Jacob Steele

Jacob is passionate about the work of self-inquiry. He is a graduate of the two-year Innerland inquiry based training. He has been immersed in many traditions of healing and spirituality, ranging from Family Constellation Work to Asana Yoga. He lived as a Buddhist monk for one year under the guidance of Pema Chödrön, and has completed numerous meditation immersions, including a five-month silent retreat. Jacob holds a Fine Arts Degree from Emily Carr University. He currently works as the Events & Promotions Manager for Banyen Books & Sound, where he hosts events with many of the world’s leading authors. He lives in North Vancouver with his wife and two children.

Mayte Boullosa

Mayte is a practicing philosopher from Universidad Iberoamericana and an Innerland Coach.Every time Mayte steps in front of a broken glass, she will have a tremendous urge to do something to repair it, to bring it to its original state, to understand and reconstruct it. In the same way, she appreciates her own transformational process deeply. If a stressful thought appears, she knows that the best possible option is through inquiry. She offers IBC as a bridge that will take you back to yourself, to your true home and will make you experience the clarity and humility necessary to love your life.


Jody Shakespeare

Jody is a professional coach and entrepreneur based in British Columbia.  She has a passion for organizational culture, multiplying great talent and supporting individuals to realize their own potential. Her areas of focus include professional services to help businesses scale up, design corporate cultures people love to work in, and to support sales teams. Jody spent a decade in the corporate world: including as a top-producer, selling to some of Canada's most recognized brands when she was introduced to Inquiry Based Coaching.  She embraced IBC when she was able to leverage it's obstacle removing methodology firsthand.  Now, she is passionate about using the technology to help businesses grow and thrive by enabling corporate teams to communicate from a higher common purpose.


Ram Anand

Ram is fascinated by life and it’s possibilities. When he was a teenager he noticed that he acted from a place of fear, so began to wonder if there was another possibility to have an open, free life.  With this pursuit in his heart, Ram has aided a number of communities including schools, universities, addicts, sports players and more to find and create more open, free lives. As a leader of a small international team, he both designed and fostered the first-of-its-kind “Inquiry ” program for a K-12 school in San José del Cabo. The curriculum takes a community approach involving parents, students, staff and teachers, already with notable success.He also works with sports teams and individuals to overcome the doubtful mind and be let down by emotions to an intense alertness, focusing on there true power. Prior to this, Ram envisioned and instituted a program for an addiction rehab house in Mexico.


Rafael Gutiérrez

Rafael is an IBC™ Coach and certified ontological-transformational Coach. His training gives him the opportunity to understand the many possibilities that human beings have to transform their lives. He is currently a Partner, founder and coach of "THE TRUE" a Transformational-Coaching Company of human development with two years of existence and with more than 1000 clients that have experienced transformation based on inquiry. Conferences and workshops with companies, and with government agencies are part of their work using IBC™ as the main tool for solving problems. Passionate about the IBC™ method, he has turned into an ambassador of this wonderful and powerful tool. Rafael is grateful for life and with Innerland. He is a human being in peace, free, connected, present, and with a clear mind.

Margarita Castillo

Margarita is passionate about learning, growing, sharing knowledge and helping others in their process. She is a Chemistry Pharmacobiologist specializing in Fertility. An entrepreneur with a master's degree in Human Resources Administration led her to discover coaching as a wonderful process to enhance the abilities of her clients through facilitation to transform obstacles into opportunities and improve productivity in work teams. She is a certified coach of Martha Beck, Susan Hyatt, John Maxwell and IBC, of Innerland, a methodology that helped her grow and overcome obstacles in her personal life and that today she proudly promotes. Her life mission is to help women develop their abilities to the fullest, support them in their development through personal coaching, as well as encouraging women entrepreneurs to improve the productivity of their companies.


Adriana Rodriguez

Adriana met inquiry in 2012 during a weekend workshop with Tania Fierro. She calls it the best, all-time-game-changing gift she has given to herself, due to experiencing a delightful bodily sensation of weightlessness, and such mental clarity and freedom after questioning assumptions and beliefs around relationships and life. Adriana holds a bachelor’s degree in Institutional Administration from Universidad Panamericana´s ESDAI, is an IBC™ Coach, dancer, Zumba® instructor, Philosophy for Children and English teacher, essential oils lover, Access Bars® practitioner, amateur in Astrology, and lifelong learner. She has devoted more than 10 years to the educational realm working mostly with teenagers and adults. She brings to her IBC™ practice the tools she has learned along the way. Adriana offers IBC™ sessions and workshops at Riviera Maya, Mexico.


Eduardo Cárdenas

Eduardo holds a Law degree from Universidad la Salle as well as a Masters in Public Administration and Policy from Tecnológico de Monterrey. He is a Certified Innerland Coach at the Innerland Institute, a Certified Hatha Yoga (500hrs) Instructor by Om Yoga Marcos Jassan. He is the creator of Inquiere Yoga and YoguiPanda.