I have been facilitated by dozens of people when it comes to Inquiry, and Tania is one of the most skilled. In fact, thinking about it, I'd say she's in the top 3, and Byron Katie  herself is one of those three. You're in good hands with Tania. 

~ Rick Hoogendoorn, Real Estate Agent, Author, Speaker

Pedro is a master of "...educating in the radical sense, i.e., Latin “educo”: to draw out or bring forth (that which is already within)"  

~ Richard F Hay, author of "Out of My Mind and Back to My Senses" 

Doing Inquiry is so uplifting, truthful and freeing and the method is so simple.  Experiencing it with Tania, it becomes even more extraordinary.  Her artful guidance blends fierce honesty, humour and humility and encourages us to move beyond the surface of our existence.  Her lively and enlightened approach has helped me unpack mountains of interrelated, limiting beliefs and long-held behavioral patterns that weren’t serving me in my personal or professional life.   I highly recommend Tania to individuals or groups who are ready to step toward a deeper engagement with life. 

~ Susan Morrison - Board of Directors, Vice-President Kootenay Co-op

It took me less than five minutes to realize that Pedro is one of those individuals that you must have close to you. His natural interest and talent for helping people is quite remarkable. His brilliant mind guides you through several scenarios which enable you to make seemingly impossible decisions easily.

~ Adam Ramos. Country Manager at Rappi Enterprises

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