October 2 - 6, 2017 - Experience Your Unlimited Mind: A 5-Day Immersion in The Work ® in Steckborn, Switzerland


October 2 - 6, 2017 - Experience Your Unlimited Mind: A 5-Day Immersion in The Work ® in Steckborn, Switzerland


With Tania Fierro, MA


Experience Your Unlimited Mind

A 5-day Immersion into The Work of Byron Katie with Tania Fierro, MA
Steckborn, Switzerland - October 2 - 6, 2017

Come meet your Infinite Mind as we join Tania in a wonderful 5-day immersion in The Work of Byron Katie in Northern Switzerland at the beautiful Schloss Glariseck (www.schloss-glarisegg.ch). The Work is an incredibly powerful way to identify and question the thoughts that cause all our suffering.  As we identify and question these thoughts, we find the freedom that has always existed behind our distraction, our confusion and our anxiety. Come meet your infinite mind!

In this workshop you will be able to engage in an in-depth exploration into the process of identifying and questioning the thoughts that cause all your suffering using The Work of Byron Katie. As we practice The Work, it is clear that one of the most important elements to its transformational power is our depth of practice. Byron Katie says “The Work is meditation” and as such the deeper and more honest our inquiry, the greatest clarity and results we will be able to experience. 

So the question is, as we deeply and honestly questions our stressful thoughts through the practice of The Work of Byron Katie, what remains?  Well, our Unlimited Mind remains. A mind of infinite possibilities where compassion, clarity, understanding and love naturally manifest within ourselves and in our daily interaction with others. This workshop has been designed for you to allow yourself the opportunity to deeply and honestly practice The Work in an environment where you be fully supported and guided throughout 5 full days of inquiry in beautiful Steckborn, Switzerland. Join us!

Schloss Glariseck
Seminarzentrum am Bodensee
CH-6288 Steckborn (TG)
www. schloss-glarisegg.ch.
+41 52 770 21 88

Tuition 850 Swiss Franks or $1,130 Canadian Dollars or 800 Euros or $850 USD

Lodging Cost
CHF 145,- Single room (shower/WC in room)
CHF 125,- Double room (shower/WC in room)
CHF 125,- Single room (shower/WC at floor)
CHF 105,- Double room (shower/WC at floor)
CHF95,- 3-5 bed room (shower/WC at floor)

For more information, please contact:
Markus Tauchmann
Eichrueti 34
CH-6333 Huenenberg See
+41 79 373 28 31

Banking details:
Schloss Glarisegg Betriebs GmbH
Tax number: 590183 Switzerland (and for international payment in CHF):
Raiffeisenbank Untersee-Rhein, CH-8264 Eschenz
Account number: 42638.32, BC: 81382, PC-Nr.: 82-1303-5, IBAN:

Germany (and for international payment in EUR):
Postbank Karlsruhe, DE-76127 Karlsruhe
Account number: 626207759, bank code: 66010075, BIC: PBNKDEFF
IBAN: DE16660100750626207759