September 2018 - Innerland's One-Year Immersion in The Work ®


September 2018 - Innerland's One-Year Immersion in The Work ®


Innerland Institute's One-Year Immersion and Two-Year Innerland Coaching Programs in Inquiry and The Work of Byron Katie  



  • You will support yourself and others through a clear and profound method that allows for exceptional depth and transformation.
  • You will substantially enhance and embody your facilitating and client skills.
  • You will receive experienced coaching and support.
  • You will give yourself the gift of personal transformation and practice while you complete the training.
  • You will learn to communicate with courage, integrity and compassion.
  • You will be part of and co-create a community of committed practitioners in a wonderful learning environment.
  • Gain insight, connection, compassion, resilience and a clear course of action.
  • You will receive credits towards your ITW Certification.

Immersion details:

  • Small group
  • Time commitment is approx. 2-3 hours per week.
  • The course scheduling is 80% flexible.

The program includes:

  • 1 Monthly individual call with Tania Fierro or Pedro Cortina.
  • 2 Webinars -assigned group and individual exercises in between
    sessions led by CF's or CFC's
  • Partner exercises (different partners every month)
  • 2 Weekend workshops
  • 1 Week long graduation retreat in Mar de Jade in beautiful
    Chacala, Nayarit,  Mexico. 

Faculty and Instructors

Tania Fierro, MA, ITW, APPA and Dr. Pedro Cortina 

Fee: $4,297 + Tax. 
Paid monthly please add 10% or in two instalments please add 5%.
Transportation, room and board for weekend workshops and retreat is not included.  


In addition to your Course Package and Weekend Workshops, as a training participant you will also receive full access to an online forum where you can share ideas, questions, and discussions within the group.