September 2017 - Innerland's One-Year Immersion in The Work of Byron Katie


September 2017 - Innerland's One-Year Immersion in The Work of Byron Katie


Innerland Institute's One-Year Immersion and Two-Year Innerland Coaching Programs in Inquiry and The Work of Byron Katie  



  • You will support yourself and others through a clear and profound method that allows for exceptional depth and transformation.
  • You will substantially enhance and embody your facilitating and client skills.
  • You will receive experienced coaching and support.
  • You will give yourself the gift of personal transformation and practice while you complete the training.
  • You will learn to communicate with courage, integrity and compassion.
  • You will be part of and co-create a community of committed practitioners in a wonderful learning environment.
  • Gain insight, connection, compassion, resilience and a clear course of action.
  • You will receive credits towards your ITW Certification.

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Validation and Recognition

Innerland Institute's Immersion and Coaching training programs in Inquiry and The Work of Byron Katie have been recognized by The Institute for The Work and are valid as part of ITW's Certified Facilitator Program. Completing one year of immersion grants 80 credits towards the One-for-One certification requirement, additionally to full credits for one School for The Work.

Immersion details:

  • Small group
  • Time commitment is approx. 2-3 hours per week.
  • The course scheduling is 80% flexible.

The program includes:

  • 1 Monthly individual call with Tania Fierro or Pedro Cortina.
  • 2 Webinars -assigned group and individual exercises in between
    sessions led by CF's or CFC's
  • Partner exercises (different partners every month)
  • 2 Weekend workshops
  • 1 Week long graduation retreat in Mar de Jade in beautiful
    Chacala, Nayarit,  Mexico. 

Faculty and Instructors

Tania Fierro, MA, ITW, APPA and Dr. Pedro Cortina serve as the Immersion and Certification Faculty.  All faculty and instructors are either Certified Facilitators or Certified Facilitator Candidates of the Work of Byron Katie. All of them have several years of direct and sustained experience in facilitation and inquiry.

Fee: $4,297 + Tax. 
Paid monthly please add 10% or in two instalments please add 5%.
Transportation, room and board for weekend workshops and retreat is not included.  


In addition to your Course Package and Weekend Workshops, as a training participant you will also receive full access to an online forum where you can share ideas, questions, and discussions within the group.