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An extraordinary adventure!

Innerland Accredited Program
in Inquiry-Based Coaching ™




An extraordinary adventure!

Innerland Accredited Program
in Inquiry-Based Coaching ™

Innerland's program provided a community and a safe place to explore myself pushing me to my edge. Tania and Pedro are tremendous guides in this process. This has been the MOST profound experience of my life.

~ Dr. Ian Paul, MD

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Starting September 2018!  
For 8 years in a row!  

  • You will support yourself and others through a clear and profound method that allows for exceptional depth and transformation.
  • You will substantially enhance and embody your facilitating and client skills.
  • You will receive experienced coaching and support.
  • You will give yourself the gift of personal transformation and practice while you complete the training.
  • You will learn to communicate with courage, integrity and compassion.
  • You will be part of and co-create a community of committed practitioners in a wonderful learning environment.
  • Gain insight, connection, compassion, resilience and a clear course of action.




Support yourself and your clients in finding what gets in the way of their clarity, purpose, and passion through identifying and transforming obstacles into clear and actionable opportunities.

The Inquiry-Based Coaching™ (IBC) Accreditation from Innerland is a training program designed for anyone that would like to support others and themselves in going beyond the surface of what holds them back in life, at work, and in personal relationships. It is a program designed for anyone that has a professional practice, as well as for those that feel stuck in repetitive patters that they can't break out of.

Why should you take this course?

  • Because you want to expand your emotional and mental well being with new, fresh, and powerful methods.
  • Because you are stuck in repetitive patters that you can't break out of.
  • Because you are interested in building a community of practitioners that wants deep conversation, deep connection, and deep understanding.
  • Because you are interested in heartfelt leadership in every aspect of your life .
  • Because you want to live an empowered life of joy, intensity, clarity where you feel fully alive.
  • Because you want to understand the gifts you bring to the world and how to live from them.
  • Because those difficult emotions (you know which ones) need a place of true holding, meeting, witnessing, and understanding from which you can harvest the wisdom they have been holding for you all along.
  • Because you want the 'how' to be able to transform every obstacle into an opportunity.

What is IBC™?

¿Qué es IBC™?

Coaching program details:

  • Small group
  • Time commitment is approx. 2-3 hours per week.
  • The course scheduling is 80% flexible.

The program includes:

  • 1 Monthly individual call with Dr. Pedro Cortina.
  • 3 Webinars with assigned exercises in between sessions
  • Partner exercises (different partners every month)
  • Launch Weekend workshop.
  • Week-long retreat in Mar de Jade in beautiful
    Chacala, Nayarit,  Mexico. 

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2018/2019 Fee: $4,789 + Tax
Transportation, room and board for weekend workshops and retreat is not included. 

Faculty and Instructors


Dr. Pedro Cortina  BIO >


Tania Fierro, MA  BIO >



After completing two years in the Innerland Coaching Accreditation Program you will receive the Innerland Accredited Coach ™ recognition. This will give you access to be listed in the Innerland website as well as the opportunity to use the "Innerland Accredited Coach" seal in your stationary, website, and other communications. Innerland Coaches are often recognized as highly capable and trustworthy individuals that have a profound willingness and capacity to hold Inquiry-Based Coaching  with individual clients and organizations. This program also has the validation of seven years of continuous offerings with graduates from around the world. 


We also welcome participants to join us for one-year only and experience a deep immersion in Inquiry-Based Coaching . This is a deeply fulfilling program on its own accord where you will be part of a community that is committed to the wholehearted and deep practice of this extraordinary methodology. To learn more about the One-Year Immersion please get in touch with us here.

Program in English based in Vancouver >>>
Programa en Español basado en CDMX >>>


The Innerland Institute program is more than a dive. It is the perfect container to explore and discover anything that stops you from living a whole hearted, joy filled life! The depth of learning, challenging myself, and experiencing the vulnerability in the service of my truth is like no other training program I have entered. The structure serves you in every way to bring inquiry alive in the most practical and embodied ways. My life is enriched in ways I could not have envisioned at the start. I am eager to bring these tools to my professional as well as my personal life. 

~ Anne Wennerstrand, MS, MSW, LCSWR

Since I started the program in Inquiry-Based Coaching there has been a transcendental transformation in my life. I am able to notice that every time I inquire, my life acquires more happiness, transparency, and connection with everything I love and everything that surrounds me. 

~ Iracema Zuniga, Administration Manager, Mission School

This program opened a profound door for me that allowed me to know more about myself. To know about the impact of my wants, fears, addictions, and insecurities that I used to experience daily.  The most transcendental advantage I have identified is that I now experience a new kind of courage that invites me to connect with myself and with others. . 

~ Angel Jimenez, CEO @ Profundiza

I've become clearer and more empowered and live with a greater sense of possibility and expansion that I had previously imagined for myself. The program is structured in a way that it could fit into my already very full schedule of parenting and career. Yet it had all the depth and the commitment one would wish from and immersion course. Tania is a gifted and brilliant facilitator and trainer. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking to go deeper to discover and uncover their own freedom.

~ Jacob Steele, Banyen Books Program Coordinator

Mexico March 2018 - 3.png

Tania's artful guidance blends fierce honesty, humour and humility and encourages us to move beyond the surface of our existence. Her lively and enlightened approach has helped me unpack mountains of interrelated, limiting beliefs and long-held behavioral patterns that weren’t serving me in my personal or professional life. I highly recommend Tania to individuals or groups who are ready to step toward a deeper engagement with life.

~ Susan Morrison, Board of Directors, Vice-President, Kootenay Co-op



Coming Togetherto better serve others and ourselves


Coming Togetherto better serve others and ourselves

What our graduates are saying...

Innerland’s One Year Program is a master class in the Self. The intimacy that grew within the group of people over the year, through partner work, in person, workshops, and teleclasses, was integral to the support needed to dive deep into ourselves. The highlight is certainly the graduation retreat, however, the experience wouldn't have been the same without the grounding of the year-long work. Tania and her Innerland team where unfailingly supportive and present for us. The curriculum provided was generously crafted to unhinge and loosen locked beliefs while also providing guidance on finding the way home to Self. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this program.

~ Debbie Bridge, Innerland Graduate

I've just about finished the year long training, and it has been literally life changing for me… and that's what I've been doing:  the power of precise and sustained inquiry, and the difference between doing it once in a while, and being totally immersed in it, as we have been. I'm so grateful for the container that has held us.

~ Shayla Wright, Innerland Graduate

Doing the One Year Training Program has given me the tools to learn how to live with greater honesty, integrity, and with self-love. I came to this practice feeling at war with myself most days, unable to be aware and accept the many truths and aspects of my conditioning. The kindness, generosity and astuteness of group leader Tania Fierro, of the group as whole and of each individual within the group, has allowed me to share myself more fully and more openly with less fear and less shame than I have ever had. I have become more curious and often find humour to see what lies at the foot of my often-insane thinking. The support from our group and the continuous practice has allowed me to travel safely in recesses of my mind I might not have had the courage to explore on my own.  I strongly recommend this program; it has done so much for me. 

~ Lucie Lalumiere, Innerland Graduate

I find myself living in the present moment so much more since taking this training. My awareness is wider, expanding in a natural way. I feel increasingly capable in a peaceful curious manner to include more of life, more of myself and others.  I am softer and sharper ….meaning that I am alert, here, in a more open loving way than ever before. There is the capacity to have a more direct, honest experience of life.  I plan on continuing with this training as I love the immersion, there is no escape and I don’t want one!  The level of intimacy and connection that happens with the group  is a beautiful gift. Inquiry is becoming an inextricable part of me. I am being done!.... 

~ Jenie Taylor, Innerland Graduate



Mar de Jade Retreat


Mar de Jade Retreat

Mar de Jade Retreat, Chacala, Mexico
May 18 to 25, 2019

This retreat is part of the one-year immersion program and for experienced practitioners of Inquiry-Based Coaching *


  • Daily morning meditation & Yoga
  • Morning and evening inquiry sessions & discussions
  • Daily leisure time (massage, excursions, beach time, partner work, etc)
  • Delicious locally grown food buffet style
  • Beautiful seaside Cabanas with vistas and pools
  • Far away from tourist and busy areas (1.5 hrs north of Puerto Vallarta)

Cost for week long retreat varies depending on room choice. We are happy to book your accommodation and transportation from airport to retreat.

Flights and retreat expenses are not included in the Coaching Accreditation Tuition

Request information about the
Retreat here:

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