Tania Fierro, MA | Founding Partner | tania@innerland.com

Tania is the founding partner at the Innerland Institute. She is a philosopher, speaker, counselor, coach, facilitator, trainer, management consultant, olympic athlete, and transformation specialist. She offers clients a deeply compassionate, razor sharp awareness to get to the crux of any situation. Together she travels through our most fearful and painful beliefs allowing for profound transformation and clear course of action. There is no situation, emotion or thought that Inquiry can't hold and she invites us not to believe her and to try it for ourselves.

Tania is a Certified Counselor by the American Philosophical Practitioners Association in New York. She holds bachelor's and masters degrees in philosophy and ethics. She was a participant in the 1988 Seul Olympics, She is also a graduate from the Harvard Bioethics Program and she has 20 years of experience supporting individuals and organizations in questioning and undoing the repetitive, stressful patterns that cause suffering in our lives.  Learn more about Tania here. 
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Dr. Pedro Cortina  | Managing Partner | pedro@innerland.com

Pedro is the managing partner at the Innerland Institute. An author, speaker, counselor, coach, facilitator, philosopher, trainer, transformation specialist, as well as a leadership expert with more than 20 years of experience. He is the author of the book Curflexion, a guide for moving away from our underlying human experience of separation and unfulfillment.

Pedro holds bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees specializing in philosophy, economics, education, leadership and entrepreneurship from Universidad Iberoamericana, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Calgary respectively. He teaches executive MBA students in the areas of leadership, strategy and human resources. He is a certified counselor by the American Philosophical Practitioners Association in New York and a graduate from the Oxford Finance Program for Senior Executives at the University of Oxford. Additionally, throughout his life, he has fully immersed in several eastern transformational traditions such as Mahamudra, Dzogchen, and Advaita. Learn more here.  Contact: pedro@innerland.com

Lara Patriquin, MD 

Lara is a physician, speaker and teacher of the Work of Byron Katie in New Mexico. Her personal quest for well being is informed by her medical studies on the brain and on the nature of thought. She lectures extensively in the medical and business communities about the value of clear and reliable practices that optimize key functions of the mind. Through The Work of Byron Katie and other mindfulness practices, Lara's clients are able to access a creative, kinder and more inspired version of themselves. Dr. Patriquin completed her residency at Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA before moving on to a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School. Her research experience and publications focus on MRI imaging for which she received the Roentgen Research Prize from the Radiological Society of North America.

Bev Maya 

Back in university, Bev earned a reputation as a tenacious inquisitive driven to make sense of nature through scientific endeavours . This reputation has withstood the test of time. Bev’s unique background informs her deep investigative approach. Today, as a practicing Medical Herbalist and international speaker at medical conferences and colleges, Bev’s inquiring personality (encouraged by both parents being teachers) has lent itself to her style, as a generous and passionate speaker particularly adept at empowering her audience to deconstruct complex ideas into their simplest form and apply this learning in the context of their own medical practices. In addition to her work at Maya Natural Health, Bev also works in collaboration with several Medical Doctors specializing in wholistic solutions in Vancouver, B.C.

Delyse Sylvester 

Delyse has three decades of social innovation expertise, connecting thousands of social entrepreneurs with corporate leaders, thought leaders, and new media partners. With Ashoka Changemakers, she led over 60 co-branded global campaigns with partners such as National Geographic, Nike, GE, G-20, EBay, Google, and the Robert Wood Johnson, Rockefeller and Gates Foundations.  With CUSO she focused on Aboriginal Cultural Rights in Canada and the South Pacific, and as Executive Director of Selkirk College Foundation she led a team to establish the first B.C. Rural Innovation Chair.  She is currently member of BC Partners for Social Impact secretariat and Executive in Residence at SFUs Beedie School for Business. 

Beatriz Amorin López

BEatriz es Directora en CEPHEI (Centro Potencial Humano e Inteligencia Emocional). Es consultora, trainer internacional, formadora e instructora en The Work of Byron Katie y en  Mindfulness . Actualmente trabaja como colaboradora académica en la EEL (Escuela Europea de Lideres) y la UNED (Universidad de Educación a Distancia). Es Coach Co- activa profesional y certificada por la AICM (Asociación Internacional de profesionales del coaching y del Mentoring) y por la UNED, y Coach Facilitadora certificada por Innerland North Vancouver en The Work of Byron Katie. Trabaja desde formadora, consultora, conferenciante, organizadora y coach. La describen sus alumnos y clientes como una persona objetiva, analítica, proactiva y generadora de alternativas.


Angel Jimenez

Angel is a successful entrepreneur in the areas of Finance, Sports, Consulting, Hospitality and Service. For the last 15 years he has supported various initiatives with outstanding results. He believes that part of the responsibility of owners and business leaders, besides the financial and operational success, is the employee's personal and professional growth.

Angel champions supportive initiatives for the youth, college graduates, recent immigrants, business leaders and specializes in developing the ability of teams and individuals to give and receive positive and negative feedback.His passion for The Work ® and Curflexion ® started as a personal adventure. The peace, compassion, connection with others and himself.


Mayte Boullosa Doval

Existe en mi una clara fascinación por la belleza.  Cada vez que paso frente a un vidrio roto, tengo un impulso tremendo de hacer algo para repararlo, de llevarlo a su estado original, de entenderlo y reconstruirlo, del mismo modo, aprecio mi mente cuando está quieta, si un pensamiento estresante aparece, tengo el impulso de someterlo a la indagación que The Work me ofrece. Ofrezco The Work como un puente que te llevará de regreso a ti mismo, a tu verdadero hogar y te hará experimentar el amor y la humildad necesarias para amar tu vida.  Haz The Work por un único motivo: hazlo por amor a la verdad. Puedes contactarme para hacer The Work o indagación filosófica!

Susan Morrison

Susan has studied and practiced numerous healing and transformational modalities since young adulthood. Her passionate interest in the area of human potential drew her from the world of food-related pursuits to one of feeding the soul. Taking a non-traditional education path, she has studied extensively in the areas of yoga, chi kung, shamanism, Buddhism, Kashmir Shaivism and Kabbalah.  She has been a yoga instructor for many years and a chi kung teacher for the past five years.  . with her husband of many years.  For Susan, the practice of Inquiry has provided a sense of relief - a welcome rest in the self.  It’s given her a wider appreciation and embracing of all life, and an enhanced connection to the vast intelligence that guides it all.